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Carole Henderson, Managing Director, Grief Expert & Speaker 

Carole Henderson, Grief Expert, Speaker, Founder of Grief UK
Carole Henderson (formerly Carole Batchelor) was shattered by an enormous loss in November 2006, when her beloved husband Kevin died of skin cancer at age 40. Devastated by his death, she sought help from as many directions as possible and 6 months later by accident came across The Grief Recovery Handbook. 
Completing the actions in the book changed her life and in November 2009 Carole achieved her qualification as a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.  
The late Russell Friedman, co-author of the book and former Executive Director of the Grief Recovery┬« Institute, recognised her energy and commitment and asked Carole to establish Grief Recovery UK in 2010 in order to increase the number of people with direct access to the Grief Recovery Method in this country. After comprehensive training with Russell and the Grief Recovery Method Founder John W James, Carole became the first Grief Recovery trainer in the UK. She has since become the UK's foremost expert on Grief and speaks internationally both in person and online.  
Today, Grief UK Ltd, still operates under licence from the Grief Recovery Institute and is dedicated to helping the greatest number of grievers in the shortest amount of time, supporting both individual grievers and training those who wish to help others. 

Phyl Edmonds, Trainer 

Phyl Edmonds
Phyl Edmonds arrived at Grief Recovery in March 2013 still reeling from the death of her husband Tim by suicide two years earlier. She describes the experience as life changing and it certainly was. Immediately prior to coming on the course Phyl had been going for counselling every week for 2 years. Having completed the programme she needed to go back to her counsellor just one more time: to say Goodbye. 
Recognising her passion for the work and skill with helping people, Carole selected Phyl to be the second UK Grief Recovery trainer. Qualifying in 2016 Phyl now regularly leads Certification Training around the UK, allowing us to train even more Specialists. 

Ian Henderson, Marketing Director 

Ian Henderson
Ian first found out about Grief Recovery in 2011 - when he was a graphic designer. He helped refine the look of Grief Recovery UK's materials and website. After his divorce Carole encouraged him to attend a Grief Recovery workshop both to help himself and to better understand the product. Since then he has revolutionised the way the world sees Grief Recovery as all the offices across the globe have adopted his designs. In the last days of 2012 he realised there was more to Carole than Grief Recovery and the two became "an item" and were married in June 2015. 
After his first Grief Recovery Certification Training in 2013 Ian became inspired to work in a different way to help others. He trained as a Forest School leader and founded Forest Owl - outdoor learning and adventure for kids of all ages. In 2020 he decided to join Grief UK full time to help achieve the over arching objective of the greatest number of people helped in the shortest possible time. 

Fran Catling, Training & Events Manager 

Fran Catling
Fran joined the Grief UK team in February 2019 as Office Manager and is now Training and Events Manager. She assists current and potential Specialists with all things training related and organising Grief UK events to make sure things run smoothly. 
Fran also certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist in June 2019. Fran enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters when she is not in the office, crafting, cooking, exploring the outdoors and quite often singing and dancing too! 

Tracey Cross, Office Manager 

Tracey is the newest member of the Grief UK team, she joined in August this 2020 after returning to the UK after 16 years in Australia.  
Having worked in customer service and administration roles for over 20 years, she is a great addition to our team! After working for a large company for several years, she's pleased to be a part of our small team.  
She recently finished renovating her house with husband Steve and is now looking forward to relaxing and exploring the local area. 

Matt Leighton, Database Manager 

Matt Leighton
Matt joined the growing Grief UK team in June 2020, to share his digital marketing and customer success 
experience. With his background in relationship intelligence coaching, Matt feels right at home advocating the importance of emotional well-being with the Grief Recovery Method. 
Matt has three children all in their twenties, but has no idea how that happened so quickly. He describes himself as a life-long learner who enjoys the simple things in life, including walks on lovely Norfolk beaches with his wife Rachel. 

Libby Kramer, Content Writer 

Libby Kramer
Libby Kramer has been a member of the Grief UK team since February 2019. She is one of the main contributors to our blog articles as well as on social media and helps behind the scenes with the management of the website. 
Libby is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist practicing in Luxembourg. She has a degree in Education and has given several talks and programmes on Helping Children with Loss.  
She lives with her husband and two daughters in the Luxembourg countryside, spending time in her garden, being creative and accompanying the local church choir in her free time. 

Maria Bailey, Media & Education Officer 

Maria Bailey
Maria Bailey is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and her main functions at Grief UK are media relations, social media, content creation, and education. She has spent her career working in public relations, working in leading PR agencies, before setting up her own business in 2008. Maria joined the Grief UK team in 2017 after adding two more children to her family. 
Maria is one of the co-authors of the Open Ears Programme, a year-long curriculum for schools designed to give students a firm foundation in emotional wellbeing for life. She is passionate about education incorporating the whole child and believes the education system needs to change to incorporate more life skills, such as being part of a community, and building resilience. 
Maria lives by the seaside in Devon with her family and dog and is a school governor and preschool chairman. 
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