Level 2 (Advanced Training) 

The Level 2 Licence allows you to offer all available programmes online via Zoom. Currently the available programmes are: 
Helping Children with Loss 
Soon to be available: 
Pet Loss 
As programmes become available we will let you know what the training requirements are for that programme. There is no extra training fee payable. All online programmes are included in the Level 2 Licence Fee. 
The training to work 1:1 must be completed first. After that remaining programmes will be able to be completed in any order.  
Each training for a specific programme will have it's own entry requirements - please check when booking that programme. 
Next 1:1 training: 
December 2020 15th, 16th, 17th 7-9pm GMT - 4 places 
2021 Training Dates: 
April 2021 20th, 21st & 22nd 7-9pm BST - 12 places 
Your licence will be extended for 12 months on 1:1 training completion - you do NOT have 2 licences, it is an upgrade. 
Three 2-hour online training sessions, totaling 6 hours training - for the 1-1 online format. 
NEW! You can now split the cost by paying for your Level 2 training in instalments by direct debit. Your first instalment of £200 must be paid before the Advanced Training starts. 
Advanced Grief Recovery Training

For nearly 40 years we have followed one clear mission statement:  To provide Grief Recovery assistance, to the largest amount of people in the shortest amount of time. 

Grief Support online
While we all know that our support groups and existing 1-1 formats are the perfect fit for many grievers, we are also aware it hasn’t always accessible for everyone. 
The online format helps us achieve this to new levels. It enables our Specialists to connect with and deliver the Grief Recovery Method to those desperately in need - removing any barriers caused by locality or mobility associated with in-person support sessions. 
You will still need to generate your own clients although you may see an uplift in the number of referrals from us. 

Programme Benefits 

Work with anyone who has a desire to do GRM worldwide, provided they have a high speed internet connection. 
You have the opportunity to work with anyone in your database, facebook fan page, or any other online group where you have contacts. 
No overhead expenses: you don’t have to rent office space or find somewhere else to work. 
We will refer to you. Historically we have many trying to connect with Specialists. However, they very often don’t have anyone in close proximity to them. We now have the chance to connect them with you. 
Continue working with clients who work with you on additional relationships after your initial 7 sessions. 
Your clients will have a lower barrier of entry. Often, we observe grieving people who are scared, isolated and apprehensive to take action like attending an in-person group or one-one session. 
Enhanced Map listing 
Your licence will be extended for 12 months from date on training completion - you do NOT have to have 2 licences - it is an upgrade. 
Your microsite will be updated with "Advanced" status. 

Helping Children with Loss Online Training 

New in July 2020 every Advanced Specialist will now also be able to offer the Helping Children with Loss Programme online following a further 2-hour online training session. 
Entry criteria to get access to this programme is: 
The Advanced (1-1) Training 
ACEs Training (click here) - this is a FREE, 50-minute training. You can do this at any time and send your Certificate to the office as evidence. 
No further payment is needed - it is included in your Advanced Licence. 
Helping Children with Loss online training
The Investment 
Initial Training & Licence Fee 
£832.50 + VAT (if UK based -non UK no VAT) 
Annual Licence Renewal after 12 months 
£132.50 + VAT (if Uk based - on UK no VAT) 
The Return - Year 1 
Example Client Fee 
Example Number of Clients 
Total Revenue 
Net Profit (if paid VAT & not registered) 
Example Client Fee 
Example Number of Clients 
Total Revenue 
Net Profit (if paid VAT & not registered) 
The Return - Year 2 (Licence Renewal Fee £132.50 + VAT = £159) 
Example Client Fee 
Example Number of Clients 
Example Client Fee 
Example Number of Clients 
Total Revenue 
Net Profit (if paid VAT & not registered) 
Total Revenue 
Net Profit (if paid VAT & not registered) 
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