If you work with children in an educational setting, hospital, professional practice or elsewhere, you may have heard about Adverse Childhood Events, or ACEs. 
Adverse Childhood Events can include traumatic events, parental separation, violence, family substance misuse, family mental health problems and other events that impact young people between 0 and 17 years of age. ACEs are common, and those who have experienced 4 or more have a much higher likelihood of exhibiting developmental disruptions, social, emotional and learning problems and poor health and wellbeing outcomes later on in life. 
ACES and Helping Children with Loss

Early intervention prevents negative outcomes 

Early intervention measures can do wonders in preventing these sort of negative outcomes - that is where teachers, school leadership, psychologists, carers and many others who provide assistance to children can play an important role. 
Our Helping Children with Loss programme is ACEs informed and was created with the awareness that adverse childhood events can have a permanent impact on a person's wellbeing. It helps improve the confidence of those working with young people to know that they will have the tools to handle the events encountered by the children in their care. It also helps prevent long-term difficulties resulting from unresolved pain in childhood, such as depression, substance abuse, behavioural challenges, struggles in school, anxiety, absenteeism, withdrawal and more
Using the evidence based, proven effective Grief Recovery Method as its foundation, it provides participants with concrete action steps that they can use to help the children in their care process a loss of any kind. 

Emotional First Aid for Children and Teens 

Participation in a Helping Children with Loss programme helps to ensure that staff are well prepared to handle traumatic events as they occur, and that the children in their care will feel well-supported and understood. The duration and format of the sessions make it easy to work around busy schedules and allow staff to participate in small groups, where individuals can have their questions answered and discuss potential applications for their specific roles. 
We like to think of it as providing Emotional First Aid in schools - just as you would expect a certain ratio of staff to be able to provide first aid, at least one member of every Key Stage should be equipped with these tools. 
If you would be interested in offering this programme to your staff or participating yourself, please contact us at 01234 862218 or learn more
The book When Children Grieve,by the authors of The Grief Recovery Handbook John W James & Russell Friedman, is available for those who would like explore this topic and learn more on their own. Certified Grief Recovery Specialists who offer group programmes for parents, teachers, professionals and schools an be found on our online map
Adverse Childhood Events
About the Author 
Libby Kramer
Libby Kramer is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist. With a background in education and as the mother of two children, she has led numerous talks and programmes on the subject of Helping Children with Loss. She currently offers support to Certified Grief Recovery Specialists as well as contributing content to Grief Recovery UK. She practises with individual clients and groups as a Grief Recovery Specialist in Luxembourg. 
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