As the first wave of COVID-19 victims’ families reach the six-month milestone, and the pain of loss isn’t getting any easier, we wanted to give you some hope. And it has nothing to do with time being a great healer. All time does is pass. 
There will inevitably be anniversaries, and no day will pass without a thought crossing your mind about your loved one. As you reach six months without them, anniversaries, birthdays, the anniversary of their death, and other occasions without them will no doubt trigger those feelings of loss and often the raw, overwhelming, consuming pain all over again. 
Covid 19 pain

Is it time to take action? 

You might look back and wonder at how you’ve coped for the past six months and the cruel way that life seems to go on anyway, without them. You may have found out who your friends are, who has been there to support you, how your employer has helped… or not, which can also cause further feelings of loss. 
You may have kept busy, you may have thrown your energy into something, such as campaigning, you may have eaten a lot or lost your appetite, you may have turned to drink for comfort. While keeping busy or turning your attention to something for the short term isn’t harmful, they could be ways of avoiding your feelings. 
Rather than burying your feelings, now might be a good time to take some action. The seven-part Grief Recovery action plan our specialists can take you through, which is scientifically proven to work for the long term, will help to resolve any undelivered communications to your loved ones and will give you a structure to say goodbye. You will be able to say the things you imagine you’re going to say when someone is terminally ill for example, but you didn’t have the opportunity to. These are the things that can keep you trapped in pain. It will help you to let it go, find some peace, and enable you to rebuild your life in a way that gives you the choice with what happens next. 

Every day is an anniversary 

Humans have a full set of emotions that range from utter sadness to deep joy and everything in-between. Sadly, our society isn’t comfortable with this and only wants to see positive emotions, and if we really can’t be “happy” then we should hide ourselves away until we are “better.” 
Every day is an anniversary for someone – some happy, some sad. If you know someone is approaching an anniversary which might be difficult, pick up the phone to them or better still go and see them. You can’t fix them – grievers don’t need fixing as there is nothing wrong with them. They do need to be heard, so please, don’t leave them to grieve alone. 
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Covid 19 and the pain is still real

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About the Author 
Maria Bailey
Maria Bailey is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and looks after media relations for Grief Recovery UK. She has spent her career working in public relations. Maria now lives by the seaside in Devon with her family and dog, and is a school governor and preschool chairman. 
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