Esther Rantzen - Living with Grief

It's not very often tv talks about grief so we're thrilled that Channel 5 have given Esther Rantzen the chance to explore the topic in this ground breaking documentary. 

Understanding other people's reactions to loss 

A widow herself, Esther wanted to understand other people's reactions to loss and in the in-depth programme she talks to 6 people about their grief experience. 
While we don't know exactly what the programme covers, we do know that one of the people Esther meets is someone who has experienced both the Grief Recovery Method for her own loss and has trained to be a Grief Recovery Specialist. 
Here's what we know about the programme from Channel 5: It’s exactly twenty years since Dame Esther lost her husband Desmond Wilcox. The much-loved presenter and campaigner, who’s been on our television screens for half a century, strips away the television presenter veneer in this extraordinarily personal and candid exploration of what it’s really like for people to deal with loss. 
Esther and her fellow bereaved confidantes reveal what it’s like to lose someone you love, and tear up the rule book on bereavement. With unflinching honesty, they explore what is uniquely individual, and discover how much is shared. From the death bed to the first anniversary, from dark days of suffering, to finding ways to celebrate, through vivid stories and unearthing memories, Esther takes a journey through life after loss, and with the help of her children, challenges her approach to her own bereavement. 
Lucy Herd, Grief Recovery Specialist, Seen on Esther Rantzens TV program on Channel 5
Meet Lucy Herd, live for 
"Conversations from the heart" 
Lucy Herd featured on Living with Grief, with Esther Rantzen. 
We were thrilled that Esther Rantzen made a documentary on "Living with Grief" that aired on Channel 5 last night. (If you missed it, you can catch it on My5) 
It means that conversations about grief are starting to break through into the mainstream, which is healthy. 
We these conversations to continue, so we've invited Lucy Herd, Grief Recovery Specialist one of the people featured in the documentary to share a conversation from the heart with me - live on You Tube on Monday evening. 
This will be Lucy and Carole Henderson chatting over a cuppa about grief, and living after loss. 
So if you're wondering what went on the cutting room floor, or even get the chance to ask Lucy something yourself, then join us at 8pm on Monday 22nd Feb 2021. 
More details on our YouTube channel - 

How can we help you? 

We can provide one-to-one or group support with our eight-part evidence-based Grief Recovery Programme (one-to-one can be provided online). 
We can train you to deliver the Grief Recovery Programme. 
If your organisation has specific needs, we can support you in developing a strategy for helping staff. 
You can purchase The Grief Recovery Handbook here
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