Carole was a guest of Tara Nash, creator of the Conscious Grief series. 
In the video, Carole talks about how the Grief Recovery Method helped her and others move forwards to find joy again after significant emotional loss. 
You can use the time stamps below to move to any of the questions Carole addressed.  
You can drag the playback indicator to the following timings to jump to the following questions. 
00:30 - What is Grief? 
02:00 - Carole's story. 
08:00 - How does the Grief Recovery Method help? 
16:05 - Is there a link between unresolved grief and spression? 
24:45 - What are the symptoms of grief? 
29:05 - Why Grief is unique to each individual. 
30:20 - What are the common misconceptions around grief? 
37:58 - What is conscious grief? 
The Grief Recovery Method will help you move through the grief you might be experiencing now, and will give you the tools to deal with any loss in your life. 
If you would like to learn more about how the Grief Recovery Method can help you, we have Grief Recovery Specialists throughout the UK who can take you through the evidence based seven-part action programme (in person or online). 
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