When people say, ‘You have to let go and move on,’ at the end of a relationship, not many people give you the steps to take you forward.  
Before you know it, you might have drifted into your next relationship without dealing with the emotional fall-out of the last one, without making room in your heart for the person who could become the love of your life. 
Most of us understand what is meant when the word ‘baggage’ is used in the context of a failed relationship. 
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Emotional baggage is many things: 
The general misinformation we have all learned about how to deal with loss. 
The specific misinformation we acquire about our emotional reactions to romantic relationships that have ended. 
The short-term habits we develop in reaction to romantic endings, which become long-term and get dragged into future relationships. 
The accumulation of undelivered emotional communications we store after romantic relationships end. 
Holding on to feelings consumes much more energy than communicating them. It’s exhausting to drag the baggage along everywhere you go. While talking about how you feel is good, it doesn’t complete your relationship to the emotions caused at the end of the relationship. 
The actions that will help you to move beyond your loss can be found in Moving On by Russell Friedman and John W James. 
Moving On gives readers the strategies we need to effectively mourn the loss of a relationship, while opening ourselves up to love in the future.  
With compassionate guidance, Moving On will show you how to close one chapter of your romantic past, so that you can be ready to begin again. 

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