In April 2020 Jack's Law came into force though an act of Parliament, it mandates a minimum of two weeks paid leave after the death of a child or stillbirth.  
The law is the result of ten years of campaigning by Lucy Herd, who tragically lost her one-year-old son Jack in a drowning accident in 2010.  
Lucy Herd Jack's Law
It may seem like Lucy's dreams would have been fulfilled now that the law has gone into effect, however she explained to Grief UK Managing Director Carole Henderson this October that once her campaign was successful, she lost her sense of purpose and didn't know what to do with the grief she still carried.  
Many people channel their grief into projects like Lucy's after a significant loss, but this essentially only provides a distraction and short-term relief from the pain. She needed guidance as to how to get through the next phase of her life, to love life again after her devastating loss
Lucy decided to take part in one of our first-ever online certification training programmes, which were created in response to COVID-19 and the urgent need for more Grief Recovery Specialists to be trained despite lockdown requirements.  
Lucy describes the course as being "life changing". 
When Jack died, Lucy had been told by her local bereavement charity that she would need to wait 42 weeks before receiving counselling sessions. This experience, as well as the fact that she was looking for pragmatic solutions, led her to the Grief Recovery Method.  
The Grief Recovery Method programme teaches specific action steps for setting aside the pain of a loss of any kind.  
Lucy says it was not counselling. "It was definitely an educational programme; it was very different from talking to somebody and walking out the door saying, 'thanks, goodbye', it gave me the tools to be able to carry on with everything I wanted to do, but I don't have to carry the weight anymore." 

Pain does not equal purpose 

Many people worry that once they let go of the pain, they will no longer have the energy to pursue their purpose or not know what to live for anymore. Sometimes we worry that the pain is the only connection we still get to keep with our loved ones.  
When asked about this, Lucy says she can understand why people might feel like that, but that she has finally found peace.  
"It was as though every weight that I'd been carrying on my shoulders for all these years just fell off. It's been a heavy journey. It's been emotional, it's been tough, and I've been carrying it on my own for such a long time."  
Now Lucy can use her newfound energy for a new purpose - her practice as a Grief Recovery Specialist. 

Is training the right option for you? 

If you've watched our interview with Lucy Herd above and think a training programme might be the right fit for you, we've answered all of your questions on our training page. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions or would like to register for one of our upcoming courses. 
If you would like to work with Lucy you can contact her at
About the Author 
Libby Kramer
Libby Kramer is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist. With a background in education and as the mother of two children, she has led numerous talks and programmes on the subject of Helping Children with Loss. She currently offers support to Certified Grief Recovery Specialists as well as contributing content to Grief Recovery UK. She practises with individual clients and groups as a Grief Recovery Specialist in Luxembourg. 
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