Today, we would like to remember the Service families and the sacrifices they make. As part of standing with those in Service they inevitably experience feelings of grief, the conflicted feelings caused by the end of, or change, in a familiar pattern of behaviour. 
These families endure periods of separation from their loved ones, experience the loss of friends or deaths of service members from their units, and can experience the loss of their loved ones. If there are younger children involved, there can be an added complication of explaining their parent is never coming home. 
Lest we forget

Many different losses for military members and their families 

Spouses and children see first-hand how military service impacts their loved ones, such as the PTSD and the psychological impact of combat, sometimes making it difficult to adapt to civilian life. There are also many grieving experiences that can result from military service, including comrades that have lost touch through the normal course of life, or those who didn’t make it. 
Retiring from military service can feel isolating for some, and family members haven’t got the shared experience to fully understand what they’re going through. 
This is where we can help. Our Grief Recovery Specialists can help Service men and women and their families to go from being ‘fine’ (Feelings Internalised, Never Expressed) to releasing any pain caused by unresolved feelings. We have Specialists around the country, no waiting lists, who can take you through our evidence-based action plan to move beyond death and other losses, including health and career. 
About the Author 
Maria Bailey
Maria Bailey is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and looks after media relations for Grief Recovery UK. She has spent her career working in public relations. Maria now lives by the seaside in Devon with her family and dog, and is a school governor and preschool chairman. 
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