Find out how to support grieving friends at Christmas 

Learn what to say, what not to say and how you can support those who have suffered a loss 
How to support grieving friends at Christmas
After a year of loss for many, we wanted to give you some tips on helping your friends who have lost a loved one, who might be spending their first Christmas alone, or have an empty chair around their Christmas table. 
As a friend, you can end up in a ‘no man’s land’ of wanting to help, show support, and that you care, but you don’t know how. We’re not taught what to say and do beyond ‘If there’s anything you need, let me know,’ ‘I’m sorry for your loss,’ and ‘I’m thinking of you.’ While it’s good to acknowledge the loss, anyone who has been through the loss of a loved one can tell you that the grief extends way beyond the funeral. We would urge you not to leave them to grieve alone over the Christmas period. 
To help you help your friend, we have created a free ebook for you to download. ‘How to Support your Grieving Friend at Christmas’ gives an insight on how to offer meaningful support, including how to really listen to your friend, one of the kindest gifts you could give your friend this Christmas.  
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