Deirdre Fiona 

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist 

Offering programmes in the Grief Recovery Method, the only evidence-based programme of its kind that has been helping people heal from all major life losses for over thirty years 

Deirdre Fiona 

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist 

Offering programmes in the Grief Recovery Method, the only evidence-based programme of its kind that has been helping people heal from all major life losses for over thirty years 
Aoife Douglas Grief Recovery Specialist
Aoife Douglas Grief Recovery Specialist

How I can help you 

I’m so glad you’re here taking action and seeking help to heal your grief.  
Are you feeling stuck, unable to move forward in your life, heartbroken? Are you exhausted by the effort it takes to hide your feelings, barely managing to keep it all together?  
Those are some of the feelings that brought me here too. My heart was broken when my husband and I lost our beautiful 14 year old son. One day he just disappeared, taken by an acquaintance to live with her family. Within days he’d cut off contact with our family and friends outside of their circle. Three and a half years later I was still stuck in an endless cycle of anguish, turmoil and victimhood and nothing I tried helped.  
Then I found Grief UK, as I read every word on the website, I felt hope creeping in, someone had switched the light on in my tunnel. I jumped at the chance to do the Grief Recovery Method. During the course I gained insight into why I was stuck and then the tools to help me let go of the pain. People often say, “just let go…” but no one ever told me how, now I know how.  
When I had completed the Grief Recovery Method on my son my husband said, “You’re different,” and I was! I felt like I had been set free. Working through this process has been life changing for me. It allowed me to not only heal the pain of losing my son but many other major losses too. I’m now on a mission to share the Grief Recovery Method with other grievers so they too can find that relief and peace.  
If you would like to work with me I will guide you through the same process I've been through. We’ll take it step by step, we’ll do it together and I will go first and show you what to do. You will leave with a new “toolkit” that you can use for healing other losses you’ve had or will encounter in the future.  
I live in Queensland, Australia and spend several months each year in Ballynahinch, Northern Ireland. I enjoy working online with clients from USA, South Africa, UK and Australia.  
Please get in touch, we can arrange to meet each other on zoom and have a no obligation chat. I would love to be of service to you on your Grief Recovery journey. 

Over 40+ life losses can leave us feeling bereft 

When we think of bereavement, we usually think of the death of a loved one. Most people looking for bereavement counselling or a grief coach only feel entitled to do so if someone close to them has died. 
However there are over 40 different personal losses that can leave us feeling devastated, heartbroken, lost, hopeless and ultimately cause the same emotional and physical symptoms of grief.  
The Grief Recovery Method is unique in that it is applicable to any and all kinds of loss. Each Certified Grief Recovery Specialist has been trained to guide grievers without judgement, criticism or analysis. We do not compare losses and we know that every griever is unique. 
Not only can the action steps within the Grief Recovery Method be applied to any type of loss, they can be used again and again with any future losses that occur - once you have participated in a Programme, you will have all the tools you need to cope with loss later in life. 
Death of a loved one 
Divorce, separation, breakup 
Estrangement of family members 
Abusive or absent parent 
Loss of safety due to trauma 
Death of a pet 
Retirement, empty nest 
Loss of health 
Loss of finances 
Loss of faith 
Loss of career 
Loss of identity 

Evidence Based 

The Grief Recovery Method is the only evidence-based grief programme in the world. Research published in peer-reviewed journals has shown that it makes a measurable, positive difference in people's grief journey.  


"This 4 week program has increased my awareness of how to help the young people in my care deal with grief and loss. I found it a very positive and beneficial experience and would definitely recommend for parents and those working with children and young people ." 
Susan Ní Loinsigh - Guidance Counsellor, Ireland. HCWL Online Participant 
"I joined the ‘Helping children with loss’ course as a parent to help my 8 year old daughter. She has suffered a more than unusual amount of loss in her short life. It wasn’t until doing this course that I realised grief wasn’t just about death, but loss too such as divorce, moving house, friends moving away and lots of other things. 
"Teresa and Deirdre did a fantastic job at presenting the course and were very knowledgeable and honest, being open about personal experiences of their own to help attendees understand more about how this course could help. I have learnt a lot and feel positive that I can bring relief to my daughter using the method I have been taught. I’ve come to realise too that there are a number of areas in my own life that I too need to address. The Grief Recovery Method is practical and has easy to use principles that help acknowledge loss and complete the process of grieving in a healthy way. 
"The course was really beneficial and already I have started to see results and a change in my daughter and the way I approach her losses. I’m so pleased I was introduced to Teresa, Deirdre and the course. I definitely recommend it." 
Julia R, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK. HCWL Online Participant 
"I signed up to do the "Helping Children with Loss" course as I'm a Foster Parent. We have to do a certain amount of training during the year and I thought "this will be good". Wow - it is beyond good. Reading the book and answering the questions, taking notes and re-reading parts, not a page went by without thinking of a child or a situation to be dealt with. I realised that there were many situations in my own life that also needed to be dealt with. I had thought that grief and loss only really happened in death or divorce, but there are so many situations where grief and loss happen and they need to be handled in the right way. The course will show you how to do this and the leaders guide you through the course with patience, empathy and understanding. I definitely recommend this course." 
Tracey O, Toowoomba, Australia. HCWL Online Participant 
"I was recommended as a teacher, to consider participating in this four-week online course on the Grief Recovery Method as applicable to Children hosted by both Carolyn and Deirdre. During my summer break it is not something I would generally choose to do in my free time, but I am so glad that I made the decision to do so. The first thing I noticed was the multi-national aspect of this course. I was participating with colleagues here in Ireland, alongside a lovely group of women from Australia. What was striking was distance did not change the issues but sometimes brought a fresh approach or viewpoint from shared experiences. 
"To the course itself, The Grief Recovery Method, it is so clear, simple and concise. However please do not mistake this as easy. I personally have found it on both a personal and professional level challenging and would have to say it is most definitely a work in progress, but one in which I intend to master.  
"When we use the word 'Grief' we almost always associate it with death, this course has opened my eyes to the many losses that it can encompass, most especially for children. As adults it is too easy and often that we dismiss events in children's lives as trivial, easily dealt with by a distraction, be it a sweet or promise of something new to replace this loss. What I have learnt is to put aside the quick fix and take the time to address the issue. As adults this is often the hardest thing to give in our busy lives, but the rewards for the children are telling, as is the failure to do so, later in life for many adults. 
"If I sound like a zealous convert, it is because I am. Through engaging with Carolyn, Deirdre and the rest of the group in this workshop I have come to realize that through careful thought, some planning and time I can help maybe some of the young people I meet in my role as a teacher, and recognise that we are all unique individuals who sometimes need someone to listen without giving us glib cliches that everything is going to be alright etc. I would most definitely encourage the reader to undertake this course with Carolyn and Deirdre. They co-hosted the online course in a professional manner, directing when necessary and sharing when appropriate. On a personal level I enjoyed this course more than I had expected too especially having the opportunity to engage with those in Australia, that was really lovely and fun. What I got out of it on a personal level is immense, and most certainly work to be done, on a professional level I hope it enables me to be a more thoughtful and aware teacher. Thank you, Carolyn, Deirdre and the ladies I undertook this course with." 
Siobhán S. Ireland. HCWL Online Participant 
"The Helping Children with Loss course has been a real eye-opener for how I discuss (or don’t discuss) emotions, particularly those I have deemed ‘negative’ emotions, with my children. A clearly structured 4 week programme, with a stretching but achievable target of reading to complete each week has enabled me to get the most from the in-person Zoom sessions. The virtual sessions introduce or clarify the course reading and Teresa and Deirdre gave ample opportunity to ask questions and bring up personal examples to get specific guidance and feedback. As a parent it is easy to feel like we are failing our children, or that others have everything under control, and this is why hearing other participants in the small group share their experiences, thoughts and concerns in a safe, non-threatening and supportive environment is so beneficial. I have realised I am not alone, that we all make mistakes and have breakthroughs, and there are practical things we can do to move forward. 
"I am now at the start of my journey for helping my children to deal with loss in both everyday life and those bigger events that I would generally associate with bringing up feelings of grief and loss. I know it is going to be a learning process for both myself and them but I feel we will all benefit in the short and long term from applying the specific methods identified by the Grief Recovery Method. Thanks." 
Jo F. Leeds, UK. HCWL Online Participant 
"I would like to thank Carolyn and Deirdre for the effort and presentation of the “Helping Children with Loss” programme we have just completed. I found the course facilitators excellent, extremely well prepared and very honest in the delivery of all aspects involved with loss. They led by example with their openness and therefore the rest of us were not afraid to share. 
"I found the first session about the six myths of loss very informative and it has made me reflect on how I did approach people who have suffered a loss and how I will now approach people who have suffered a loss. I have benefitted a lot from this course and when I return to school I will implement what I have learnt into how I deal with our students, many who are experiencing loss and will benefit greatly from the programme. I also enjoyed meeting the other participants from Australia. Mise le meas!" 
Bridín. Co Donegal, Ireland. HCWL Online Participant 
"I was very lucky to come into contact with Deirdre at a time when there were multiple losses and changes in my life. 
"I lost my beloved beagle in February 2020 to cancer. I had him for 13 years and he was like my own child. The stresses of dealing with his cancer for 6 months prior to his passing also caused my own cancer to return. By March 2020, the need to tend to my own health and coupled with the Covid-19 lockdown, I decided to give up work after 38 years as a health professional and retire. 
"Having done various healing modalities in the past, I thought I had the tools to help myself and that I was coping with these life changes pretty well. In effect I wasn’t. I was constantly tired and unmotivated, and whatever energy I had, I was spending it on the computer doing research as a means to distract myself. I was binge eating for comfort and also isolated myself from other people. On top of this, my relationship with my son went downhill because we hold very different views on current events. His intolerance and persistent vicious attacks shocked me. I went into deep grief because I felt I have lost my son and there’s little left of our relationship. 
"I heard about The Grief Recovery Method from a friend and at first I was hesitant to do the program because I really thought I was ok. I thought “This too shall pass”. I believed in the myths of “grieving alone” and “just giving it time”. The reality was that I was actually in shock mode from all the accumulated losses in those few months. Sadly I didn’t even recognise some of them as losses. I didn’t know I was grieving for the loss of my career, health, relationship with my son, financial security and everyday life as I knew it, on top of grieving for the death of my dog. 
"But after reading The Grief Recovery Handbook and talking to Deirdre about her own experience with the method, I knew I had to do it. The method allows me to view my life in absolutely honesty and without judgement. I could see how so many previous losses were never addressed and went underground. I could see how a “small insignificant” loss in the present can tip the balance because of the accumulated charge from the past. 
"I worked on my relationship with my son as my first exercise because it was causing me the most upset. I was faithful to the entire process although there was a part of me that doubted if the simplicity of it would actually work. But having finished the program I am grateful to say I no longer live in the hurt and grief that was consuming me for so many months. 
"I am able to look at our relationship with neutrality and a new-found peace. I am able to let go of the need to change my son or to make him wrong. I no longer need to dwell in the past and replay scenes that only serve to hurt me further. The biggest gift is the freedom I know I can have in spite of what happens to me in the external world. I’m confident that I can apply the method to the other losses in my life, including the less tangible ones. 
"I whole-heartedly recommend Deirdre as your guide and specialist in your journey to recovery from grief. Deirdre is compassionate while being thorough and professional. I felt heard and understood at all times which is so important when the method requires absolutely honesty. I felt very safe with Deirdre. No matter how big or small your loss /grief, peace and freedom is achievable."  
Clare T - Sydney, Australia - 1:1 Online Participant 
"Deirdre as a professional Grief Recovery Method Specialist held a beautiful space for us to share experiences and move through the program with her acting as my coach. I found the content full of new and useful information and Deirdre was easy to follow. There was plenty of effort on my part to follow along each week and do my "heartwork"; but she was understanding if I needed more time and rescheduling was accommodated. In doing this GRM I have found a new and useful tool for managing the inevitable ups and downs of life."  
A.S. - New Jersey, USA - 1:1 Online Participant 


Your feedback helps Grief UK provide high-quality programmes to grievers all over the world. Please help us out by leaving me feedback - it only takes a few minutes. 
Have you participated in one of my programmes? 

Helping Children with Loss 

Helping Children with Loss
In addition to Grief Recovery Method programmes for grievers, I also offer courses for adults - parents, teachers and professionals - who would like to be better equipped to help the children in their care cope with losses of any kind. 
The ACEs-informed Helping Children with Loss programme uses the same principles of the evidence-based Grief Recovery Method but adapts them for use with children of all ages and ability level.  

Connect online 

Connect Online 

Learn more about the Grief Recovery Method on your own: 


Bereaved Mum Nicky Clifford recommends The Grief Recovery Method 
From devastating bereavement to Grief Recovery - Jill Attree's story 
A brief introduction to the Grief Recovery Method  


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Grief Recovery 1-1 Online 

This evidence-based, step-by-step course will help participants complete the actions necessary to recover from grief in seven 1-hour sessions that take place online with an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist. It is a powerful, dynamic, sensible and accessible programme that is genuinely for anyone willing to take the necessary actions to help themselves. 
The programme is task based with weekly homework assignments using the Grief Recovery Handbook as the reference book. 
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