Here are a few ideas on how to fund a training programme as a Grief Recovery Specialist. 

Nine ideas for funding yourself through Certification Training 

We recognise that for many people contemplating becoming a Grief Recovery Specialist the fee is a significant investment. While we do try to keep costs to a minimum and believe we offer exceptional value in return for that investment that doesn't help if you don't have the money right now! We hate money being the reason why more grieving people aren't getting helped so we've got some suggestions that may help see you in one of our graduation photos. 

1. Get help from your boss 

If you're employed then a good place to start might be your employer. If the training will help you in your work, or improve your ability to carry out your job they might be prepared to fund or part fund your training. If they aren't prepared to foot the bill they might be prepared to pay now and let you pay them back over a period of time with deductions from your salary. 

2. Get a sponsor 

If you're not employed or your boss won't help then there might be someone in the community who will. Perhaps a head teacher of a school would fund you in return for running the Helping Children Deal with Loss programme for staff and or parents. Possibly a local funeral home would like to have someone to refer their families to. A church community that would like have the programme available for their members or even a combination of these ideas. Who do you know? How could they benefit? 

3. Crowd Funding for a cause 

If you have a mission to help others in your community then asking that community for help first could get you there sooner. Essentially all you have to do is set up a web page using one of the crowd funding sites and wait for donations. But of course it's a little trickier than that. Sites like or 
have advice and guides on how to run a successful campaign. Do this well and you'll have a list of clients that will be ready for your help as soon as you qualify. 

4. Crowd Funding for a business 

If you'd like to grow a private practice as a Grief Recovery Specialist then you could look at crowd funding from investors rather than donators. This isn't an easy option - it takes a lot of work to put together a really good campaign and for something like Grief Recovery it might be easier to start with being able to offer Grief Recovery Groups using option 1 and growing your private practice as your reputation grows. There is a really good article on how to go about crowd funding for a business here. 

5. Local grants 

There are thousands of grant awarding bodies all over the country who you could potentially approach to fund your training and or who might fund potential clients through your programme. A really good place to start is in your local community - there are some useful links here. 
Alternatively google "local funding opportunities near me" and start researching. 

6. Gift Vouchers 

If you have a birthday coming up or Christmas then you could add Grief Recovery Gift Vouchers to your wish list. Its a very easy way for your family and friends to help you do something you really want. Available online here. 

7. Direct Debit 

If you find it difficult to save and want to make the commitment then talk to us about paying monthly installments by direct debit. The amount will depend how many months ahead you wish to start paying. Call Fran our Training Manager to find out more: 01234 862217 

8. Credit 

We'd never want to encourage debt, but if you have a short term cashflow problem then it is worth knowing that currently Paypal are offering interest free credit over 4 months on any purchase over £150. This means that if you get going straight away with paying clients you can use your professional fees as a Specialist to help make the payments. Please remember that you are entirely responsible for finding your clients so it would be unwise to rely on this and only take the credit out if you can afford to pay it back, even if you don't get paying work from doing Grief Recovery. More information on the Paypal offer here. 

9. Sell stuff 

Whether it's Ebay, facebook or another selling app, these days it's really easy to sell unwanted items and raise some funds. There are many benefits to decluttering but a key one for you just might be enough money to make the difference and get you here. 
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