Why Grief UK are proud to support the Gurkha Welfare Trust 

I’ve been a supporter of the Gurkha Welfare Trust personally for some years – they do amazing work both in Nepal and here in the UK and it was a chance comment a little while ago that made me stop and think about how I could do more. 
Grief UK has supported dozens of charities over the years with subsidised training, resources and more and this will continue. However, I wanted us to make a commitment to make a big difference with an organisation whose values aligned with ours & are both UK and international like us. The more I looked at the work of the GWT the more obvious the match. 
The GWT provide practical, pragmatic solutions for their beneficiaries that empower them to live their lives with dignity and the Grief Recovery Method provides people with the practical tools that empower them to live their lives fully after grief. 
Our support will be in the form of training, resources, volunteers to help staff fundraising events and a little bit of hard cash. In other words, practical, pragmatic support where we can add the maximum value! 
I first became aware of Gurkhas because of my Dad. He fought the Japanese during World War Two as a Chindit. These were the soldiers that were selected to operate behind enemy lines – the precursor to what we now call Special Forces. Dad fought alongside Gurkhas and like every other soldier I’ve met had nothing but praise for the bravery and skill of the Gurkha troops. Dad was also furious about the treatment they received by the British Government after the war. There wasn’t much that would rile him enough to shout at the news but the appalling way these veterans were treated was guaranteed to set him off! 

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