Other Open Ears products which support & encourage conversations with children 

Open Ears Box of Hearts 

Open Ears Box of Hearts
The 52 cards inside the Box of Hearts each have a question or statement to start off conversations for children to share and learn about their feelings. 

Open Ears Barney Bear 

Barney Bear
Designed to accompany the Open Ears programme and a great conversation starter alongside the Box of Hearts. 

Motivational A3 Posters 

Motivational Posters for Schools
Inspired by our 5 Point Plan eBook, these 5 x poster pictures will look great in your classroom. 

About Grief UK 

Grief UK is an education and training organisation that teaches The Grief Recovery Method, the only evidence-based grief programme globally that helps people to learn how to move beyond death, divorce, and other losses. 
We can train up to eight people at once to help children to deal with loss online or in person. 
In addition to the Open Ears Programme, we have created a number of free resources here to encourage coaching conversations around emotional well-being. 
Grief UK
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