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When someone dies by suicide, the shock can be profound and widely felt by families, and friends, colleagues, and professionals. There are many reasons behind what drives someone to suicide, leaving those left behind with a multitude of questions, a whole wealth of emotions, and many things left unsaid.  We have put together this ebook to help you to support your friend with their grief. Our focus is to help people deal with the aftermath of the act of suicide and highlight the emotional loss and grief suffered by them and give you some tools to help them. Many people shy away from talking about death, especially suicide. We hope we give you the confidence to reach out to your friend. 

Your friend is not alone 
Why bereavement for a suicide can be overwhelming 
Behaviours to be aware of 
What to say and do 
How to start a conversation 
Your help might not be enough 
Useful links 
How to support a friend bereaved by suicide

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