Tracey McAtamney 

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist 

Offering programmes in the Grief Recovery Method, the only evidence-based programme of its kind that has been helping people heal from all major life losses for over thirty years 

Tracey McAtamney 

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist 

Offering programmes in the Grief Recovery Method, the only evidence-based programme of its kind that has been helping people heal from all major life losses for over thirty years 
Aoife Douglas Grief Recovery Specialist
Aoife Douglas Grief Recovery Specialist

How I can help you 

Are you feeling bereft, heartbroken, lost, stuck, anxious, angry or any of a myriad of emotions, perhaps conflicting, following a loss?  
Are people telling you to just ‘move on’ or ‘keep busy’ yet nothing eases your pain?  
Perhaps you do not know where to start or who to talk to? 
Hello and welcome to my page. My name is Tracey. Thank you for taking the first step in exploring how the Grief Recovery Method can help you.  
Through 1:1 and Group Grief Recovery programmes, I offer a safe and confidential space for you to gently work through what is keeping you in pain, stuck or unable to be in the present moment following a loss of any kind. 
Using the step-by-step personal action plan offered by the Grief Recovery Method. The following programmes are available in the Warwickshire & West Midlands area:  
Grief Recovery 1 to 1 Programme  
Grief Recovery Group Programme  
Grief Recovery Helping Children with Loss  
Grief Recovery Method Pet Loss Support Group  
For more information on 1 – 1 Online Programmes, please contact me. Please don’t wait for time alone to heal - it doesn’t. You can take action to heal your heart now.  
Please get in touch with me to arrange a no-obligation informal chat to talk about what has been happening for you and to see whether you feel the Grief Recovery Method programme is right for you.  
My Story  
In June 2004, my life was turned upside down overnight. One telephone call at 1 am. For my children and I, life as we knew it was over forever. My husband Tony had died suddenly whilst away playing golf for the Law Society in Spain. I had lost my husband, father of my children, my livelihood, and my best friend. Worst of all, how do you tell a seven-year-old that his daddy is never coming home?  
To this day, this is the worst thing I have ever had to do. Tony had a public profile as a well-known Solicitor, which only added to the complexities of our grief, dealing with newspaper reports and the SRA. Whilst I was in Spain saying goodbyes and dealing with the issues of a sudden death abroad, I was informed that the SRA had frozen all our business bank accounts. I suddenly learnt that as Tony was a sole practitioner, the SRA had a right to intervene and close down our office.  
So many problems. I found strength from somewhere within whilst walking fully clothed through the waves on a beach full of holidaymakers. My boys were my priority, and we would survive – a decision made! F 
ifteen years on, I told my story at a woman in a business networking meeting. I had a lot to be grateful for, my sons have grown into incredible young men. Their father would have been so proud! Despite being dyslexic, they were both made Head Boy at school, both went to university, and most of all they are both happy.  
I was generally surprised by the interest my story received. I was asked to write a book, and in January 2019, my book, Hidden Strength, was released with proceeds going towards children and young adults coping with loss. Later that year, I set up a foundation, Surviving Bereavement – life after loss, which helps people through their journey with grief by offering legal and financial advice and practical and emotional support. The foundation also provides free Memory Boxes and Bags to children and young adults, which contain specially chosen items that celebrate the life of a lost loved one.  
Talking to so many people who were grieving, I knew I needed to be able to offer more support, and The Grief Recovery Method was recommended. On completing my certification, so many unanswered questions were answered. I felt complete. 

Over 40+ life losses can leave us feeling bereft 

When we think of bereavement, we usually think of the death of a loved one. Most people looking for bereavement counselling or a grief coach only feel entitled to do so if someone close to them has died. 
However there are over 40 different personal losses that can leave us feeling devastated, heartbroken, lost, hopeless and ultimately cause the same emotional and physical symptoms of grief.  
The Grief Recovery Method is unique in that it is applicable to any and all kinds of loss. Each Certified Grief Recovery Specialist has been trained to guide grievers without judgement, criticism or analysis. We do not compare losses and we know that every griever is unique. 
Not only can the action steps within the Grief Recovery Method be applied to any type of loss, they can be used again and again with any future losses that occur - once you have participated in a Programme, you will have all the tools you need to cope with loss later in life. 
Death of a loved one 
Divorce, separation, breakup 
Estrangement of family members 
Abusive or absent parent 
Loss of safety due to trauma 
Death of a pet 
Retirement, empty nest 
Loss of health 
Loss of finances 
Loss of faith 
Loss of career 
Loss of identity 

Evidence Based 

The Grief Recovery Method is the only evidence-based grief programme in the world. Research published in peer-reviewed journals has shown that it makes a measurable, positive difference in people's grief journey.  

Testimonials  Coming soon. 



Your feedback helps Grief UK provide high-quality programmes to grievers all over the world. Please help us out by leaving me feedback - it only takes a few minutes. 
Have you participated in one of my programmes? 

Helping Children with Loss 

Helping Children with Loss
In addition to Grief Recovery Method programmes for grievers, I also offer courses for adults - parents, teachers and professionals - who would like to be better equipped to help the children in their care cope with losses of any kind. 
The ACEs-informed Helping Children with Loss programme uses the same principles of the evidence-based Grief Recovery Method but adapts them for use with children of all ages and ability level.  

Connect online 

Connect Online 

Learn more about the Grief Recovery Method on your own: 


Bereaved Mum Nicky Clifford recommends The Grief Recovery Method 
From devastating bereavement to Grief Recovery - Jill Attree's story 
A brief introduction to the Grief Recovery Method  


Contact me 

You can also enter your details below and I will get back to you. If you haven't heard back by the end of the next working day, please give me a call. 
Your personal details will be saved by Grief UK and are kept fully confidential. We do not share data with any third-party providers. You may ask for your details to be removed at any time. See our Privacy Policy for more information. 

Book your place  

Grief Recovery Group Programme 

Experience the power of Grief Recovery in a group setting. 8 two-hour sessions with a maximum of 12 people. The programme is task based with weekly homework assignments using the Grief Recovery Handbook as the reference book.  
For more information on dates/locations, etc. please click the button below. 

Grief Recovery 1 to 1 Programme 

This step-by-step course shows individuals how to complete the actions necessary to recover from grief in seven 1-hour sessions. Taking place in a safe environment with a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, it provides a genuine alternative to counselling or therapy. It is a powerful, dynamic, sensible and accessible programme that is genuinely for anyone willing to take the necessary actions to help themselves. 
The programme is task based with weekly homework assignments using the Grief Recovery Handbook as the reference book. 

Grief Recovery Helping Children with Loss 

The Helping Children with Loss programme is for parents, teachers and anyone who works with children in a professional environment. It provides adults with the same tools and techniques used in the evidence based Grief Recovery Method, so they can assist children and young adults of any age or ability level through a loss. 

Grief Recovery Method Pet Loss Support Group 

The Grief Recovery Method Pet Loss Support Group is an 8-week, step-by-step group course in how to complete the actions necessary to recover from grief. It is not a drop-in group; nor is it counselling or therapy. In a safe, comfortable setting led by a trained Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, you will meet others who have also suffered from the loss of their beloved animal companion. 
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