Help others move beyond bereavement, divorce and over 40 other losses  

So much more than bereavement training, the Grief Recovery Method Certification Training is a unique package designed specifically to assist you to help those with broken hearts retake a productive place in the mainstream of their lives. 

So much more than bereavement training...the Grief Recovery Method Certification Training is a unique package designed specifically to assist you to help those with broken hearts retake a productive place in the mainstream of their lives. 

Why become a Licensed Grief Recovery Specialist? 

Learn Quickly - 4 day course 
Proven Results - Evidence Based* 
Unlimited support after your course 
Immediately work with clients 
Assist with any loss - tangible or intangible 
No previous qualifications necessary 
Qualify in 4 Programmes 
Help to grow your practice 
All trainers have lived experience 
Life Changing Experience 

Why the Grief Recovery Method? 

As someone who has a deep desire to help others suffering with grief, you need to know that the training you undertake will be effective. You want to leave the training with confidence in the tools that you have been given and the support that you will get on an ongoing basis. 
Unlike bereavement training courses you may have seen or support groups you may have experienced, the Grief Recovery Method offers a structured, evidence informed programme irrespective of the nature of the loss. So while many of our clients have suffered the loss of someone important in their life through death, others come to us with broken hearts following divorce, separation or family break up; business failure, pet loss, job redundancy and many more. 
Indeed we have listed more than 40 life events that invoke grief, all of which can be helped using The Grief Recovery Method. 
There is quite a lot you'll want to know before deciding to book and often the best way is to talk to someone. Here at Grief Recovery we're passionate about being human so we love to talk you either by phone or via webcam so you can discover whether this is the programme for you.  
There is absolutely no pressure, just honest answers because Grief Recovery can't be "sold" you have to want to do it. To book a day & time that works for you click here or on the picture of Carole. 

Dates & Locations for upcoming Certification Training 

2020 Certification Training 

Grief Recovery HQ near Huntingdon (near where A1 & A14 meet)  Saturday 12th Sept - Tuesday 15th Sept   11 places remaining 
Grief Recovery HQ near Huntingdon (near where A1 & A14 meet)  Friday 2nd Oct - Mon 5th Oct   12 places remaining 
Reading, Berkshire Holiday Inn Reading South  Thursday 5th Nov - Sunday 8th Nov   10 places remaining 
Grief Recovery HQ near Huntingdon (near where A1 & A14 meet)  Thursday 3rd Dec - Sunday 6th Dec   12 places remaining 

How is the Grief Recovery Method different to bereavement counselling? 

Any Loss 
Bereavement is the #1 reason people contact us but it's not the only life event that creates grief. Because the Grief Recovery Method acknowledges this and gives you the tools to help heal a broken heart no matter what the cause, even if someone contacts you because they have been bereaved, you can offer comprehensive support for ALL their losses. Grief is cummulative and cummulatively negative. In reality most people have multiple losses and the presenting loss is the one that leads to the realisation they need help. 
Head v Heart 
Counselling is a wonderful tool to help people discover why they feel a certain way and can help them reach an understanding of their feelings. It is our view that while an intellectual understanding takes us some way to feeling better, the human heart is not rational and doesn't respond to intellect. Therefore in order to heal hearts we need to take actions that address the heart, rather than the head. 
Actions v talking 
While talking about how we feel can be cathartic it can also leave us feeling "well what's changed?" As any coach will tell you it is actions that bring change. Just as talking about going to the gym doesn't get you fit, although it might get you into the right mindset - you actually need to do the exercises to get fit and to feel the benefits of being fitter. The same is true for your emotional fitness. Talking and planning can get you into the right mind set but to see results you have to take the correct actions. The Grief Recovery Method teaches the correct exercises, step by step that actually allow the release of the pain, the end to all those "I wish I'd said/not said, I wish I'd done/not done" that tend to keep grievers trapped on the mental hamster wheel of pain. 
The Grief Recovery Method is a set of tools that, as a Grief Recovery Specialist, you teach your client over the course. Once they have completed the course they are then empowered to use the tools as often as they need as more losses occur. This means you are teaching them a skill of real value in their future life and while they may choose to return to do more losses with you they don't have to. Right from the start they know exactly what they are in for when they book a programme with you, unlike traditional talking therapies where the number of sessions maybe open ended. 

How Grief Recovery Method is different to bereavement counselling 

What is involved in the training? 

Grief Recovery Method Certification Training is unlike most training you will have undergone before. Working with grief is a very human experience and we like to keep the training as human as possible. Therefore we use extremely little technology in the workshop, instead most of the time you will either be listening to your instructor give information, participating in discussion or working on your own or in small groups on practical work. 

2-part programme 
Part 1 - the Personal Workshop 
We strongly believe that it is wrong to ask someone else to do something we haven't done ourselves. Therefore the first half of the training is a personal workshop where we ask you to temporarily park the desire to help others and help yourself. Your trainer will lead you through the Grief Recovery Method step by step as you work on a personal loss. You will also get additional information about why the steps are there to help inform you to be ready to share these steps with your future clients. 
Part 2 - the Certification 
Having completed the Grief Recovery Method we then proceed to teach you how to teach it to others, covering additional skills that you'll need along the way. 
By the end of the programme you will be able to: 
understand the GRM definitions of grief 
identify the 40+ life events that invoke grief 
understand how misinformation surrounding grief and loss impedes recovery 
recognise Short Term Energy Relieving Behaviours that appear to help recovery but actually suppress it. 
understand the actions required to complete recovery 
know how to help others achieve the actions required, leading them safely through the process with compassion 
recognise that you are the guide to a person's recovery - you can't do it for them 
demonstrate how each action is achieved remembering that in Grief Recovery "leader always goes first" 
understand how to promote the benefits of Grief Recovery to maximise participation 
Day 1 
What is grief 
What is Grief Recovery 
Where grief begins 
Importance of personal responsibility 
Impact of losses of all kinds common responses to unresolved grief unresolved grief and negative habits how incomplete loss occurs 
Day 2 
Recap day 1 
Assigment review 
Experiential exercise 1 
Experiential exercise 2 
Role of recovery components 
The relationship review 
Day 3 
Recap day 2 
Assignment review 
Introduction to completion 
Experiential exercise 3 
Communication techniques 
Common client challenges 
Boundaries and self care 
Day 4 
Recap day 3 
Assignment review delivering 
GRM programmes 
Working 1-1 Facilitating groups 
Helping Children group 
Marketing your practice 
Support Tools 
£1497 when you pay in full at booking £1547 inc VAT 
when you pay a deposit on booking & balance 6 weeks before training 
4 days intensive classroom based training qualifying you to deliver 
Grief Recovery 1-1 with clients 
Grief Recovery in a group 
Helping Children with Loss 
(group based for adults) 
Pet Loss group programme 
Session Plans for all 4 programmes 
12 months unlimited Grief Recovery support* 
12 months licence to practice Licence* to use the Grief Recovery brands 
1 Grief Recovery Handbook 
1 When Children Grieve book 
1 Moving Beyond Loss book 
1 Moving On book 
1 Grief Recovery Handbook for Pet Loss 
Welcome webinar 1 week post training 
Access to web portal for continued learning 
Access to closed facebook group 
Access to cost effective marketing materials 
Access to free marketing materials 
Branded book bag 
Framed Certificate 
Lunch & Refreshments each day (accommodation is NOT included)] 
*Licence & support renewal after 12 months £78 + VAT 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will I need insurance? 
Yes. A condition of the licence agreement between us and you as a Specialist is that you have current professional and public liability insurance. You are free to choose your provider although we do have a scheme set up with Holistic Insurance Services to provide cost effective cover (approx £60 per year). If you already have cover you should find that adding Grief Recovery is a no cost add on as we are extremely low risk. 
Is this a franchise? 
No. We have a licence agreement which sets out how we support you after your training and the rules under which you can use our brand and our programmes but there are no territories or other constrictions and costs that a franchise brings. 
What qualifications do I need? 
None. All we ask is that you have an open mind and a heart willing to help others. 
Are there further costs? 
The training does not include accommodation so if you are not local* you will need to budget for somewhere to stay, breakfast and an evening meal as well as your travel costs. Other than this in 12 months time there is a licence renewal fee of £78 + VAT which includes another 12 months unlimited support and renews your website and email addresses where applicable. 
All other costs are optional - as each client will need a copy of the Grief Recovery Handbook we recommend you buy copies to sell on. These are available at whole sale prices after the training. There is also the option to buy other books, promotional materials, leaflets & business cards etc. None of these are compulsory. 
*the training is very intense so if your journey is longer than 30 minutes we recommend finding somewhere to stay. 
Question not answered? Want to know more? 

What have others said about Certification Training? 

Our Credentials 

The Grief Recovery Method Certification Training was created over 30 years ago in the USA and has since spread to every continent on Earth. Training started in the UK 10 years ago when American founders Russell Friedman & John W James visited to bring this revolutionary approach to this country. In 2010 Carole Henderson founded Grief Recovery UK and the training became routinely available here for the first time. 

Quality Checked by a range of Professional bodies 

The National Counselling Society 
This counselling professional body offer Quality Checked training recognition for this course. Students and graduates of this course are able to apply for associate membership with NCS if they choose. 
The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy 
This counselling professional body used to run an endorsement programme and our training passed their assessment every year until they ended the scheme. BACP members can still ask for this programme to count as 30 hours of their CPD. We are featured on the Good CPD guide for teachers where we scored the maximum possible for evidence based quality. 

An Evidence Base 

While users of the Grief Recovery Method have recommended the programme for decades for its effectiveness we now have independent research that has proven the James Friedman Theory of Grief Recovery has a positive impact on grief recovery. 

Grief Recovery Method as an income generator 

It is fair to say that no one decides to do Grief Recovery work because they want to get rich! However, if you're thinking of becoming a Grief Recovery Specialist then you'll want to know about the return on your investment. 

How much can I charge? 

Set your own rates 
We do not have suggested rates because there are so many variables however, a good place to start is researching what counsellors and therapists charge in the area where you are planning to work. See examples below. 
Charge something 
Over the years we have discovered what any business coach will also tell you: people value what they pay for and tend not to value what they get free. This is why we encourage even those offering Grief Recovery as part of a charity service to offer it in return for a donation or pay it forward. 
Your income is yours 
We do not take any % or royalty. 100% of what you charge is yours. 
Finding clients 
Although we help with marketing support materials it is down to you to find your clients. The best way to do this is through giving talks in your community and networking formally through business groups or informally through your own contact circles and social media. Classic advertising doesn't work. Once you have completed your pilot programmes after your training you can opt in, free of charge, to the map of Grief Recovery Specialists on our website. Depending on where you live you may well receive referals this way. This is much more likely if you live in a high population area than if you are very rural. 
So how quickly can I get my money back? 
Probably the easiest way to look at this is to consider some examples. 
Let's say that in your area most therapists charge £70 an hour. The GRM 1-1 programme is 7 hour long sessions and because it's a complete programme we recommend charging for the course rather than by the hour so you could charge £70 x 7 = £490. The advantage for your client is they know exactly how much they are committed to from the beginning unlike traditional therapies where the number of sessions needed is unknown. 
You would need just 3 clients to get your training fee back. 
You may also consider running groups. There are lots of advantages to groups as particpants learn a lot from each other as well as you plus they get to share the cost of your time so it makes it more accessible for those on a limited budget. 
It is up to you how you price a group but this is how I would do it: 
There are 8 sessions of 2 hours each in the group programme = 16 hours. 
Using £70 an hour as above the total revenue should be £70 x 16 hours = £1120. 
Assuming a minimum group is 4 people I divide the total by 4 = £1120 / 4 = £280 per head. 
So after 1 group with just 6 people, you have recouped your training investment. 
Of course you can do both 1-1 and groups so you see it needn't take very long to recoup your investment. 
If you really want to grow your private practice then the perfect programme to reach into the community is the "Helping Children Deal with Loss" programme. This programme is written for parents and we've also had great success in taking it into schools and other professionals who have children in their care. Running this programme in one school for teachers and teaching assistants at just £150 a head (it is possible to charge much more depending on your area) would more than recoup your training investment on any package. 
Still got questions? 

Why a Licence? 

As part of the Certification Package we'll ask you to sign a licence agreement - what does this mean and why do we do this? 

What is it for? 
This is a legal document that sets out our promise to you and your promise to us in return. It protects you as it sets out in legal terms our promise to provide ongoing support and access to the advertised programmes. It protects us as it means that you are using our brand according to the brand regulations. It also protects clients as they know that people we refer them to have the qualification and are committed to offering best practice. To give you some peace of mind we've never had anyone refuse to sign. 
Who has to sign it? 
Everyone who wants to train to be a Grief Recovery Specialist has to sign one and everyone is countersigned by Carole Henderson, MD of Grief Recovery. 
Can I cancel it? 
Yes but this means you will no longer be able to call yourself a Grief Recovery Specialist and will not be allowed to provide Grief Recovery programmes to anyone. 
Can I read it in advance? 
Of course! You can download it here and we will send a paper copy out with your welcome pack once we've received your deposit. Also in the welcome pack are some guidance notes to help you understand the legal terminology. 
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